Andrés Cardemil Oliva
2020|Latin America

Andrés Cardemil Oliva

CEO and founder of the HumanNet Group of Cos. in Chile and Colombia, Andrés Cardemil Oliva is a sociologist with over 20 years in HR services. In July 2019, he sold HumanNet Colombia to the Italian multinational Gi Group. As president of HumanNet Chile, he will continue the  expansion process toward the US that he began before the acquisition; he plans to start operations in Miami in 2020. Cardemil Oliva has been a board member of the Chilean Staffing National Association (Agest) since 2013. He has been a leading participant in the new alliance of the Agest Guild Association with the Sence (National Training and Employment Service), under the Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Chile.

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