Fausto Muñiz Patiño
2019|Latin America

Fausto Muñiz Patiño

Founder and president of Grupo Empresarial PAE, Fausto Muñiz Patiño developed the main multi-Latin group of the industry. With headquarters in Mexico and offices in 11 countries in the Americas, PAE is going through an expansion process, and in 2018 it experienced organic growth of 20%. Muñiz Patiño executes a solid leadership and has been able to create a top management team for the company’s growth in the region. Under his leadership, the first Global Digital Congress of Human Resources was organized, with nearly 9,000 participants and keynote speakers from nine countries in five continents.  In addition, technological platforms were developed in-house to enable human capital management in every organization, which have been implemented in Latin America.

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