Jeff Phelps
2019|North America

Jeff Phelps

Jeff Phelps, CEO and co-founder of iWorkGlobal, has led the growth and development of iWorkGlobal from a startup in 2011 to a firm with more than $100 million in revenue in 2018. Over the past five years, iWorkGlobal’s revenue and net income have grown at compound annual growth rates of 31% and 86%, respectively. Phelps’ vision to bring simplicity and transparency to how clients manage their global workforce led to the 2017 launch of MyVista, a product in the HCM technology space that went on to win HRO’s 2018 TekTonic Award in Workforce Management Solutions. The company’s record growth in revenue and profitability in 2018 exceeded all projections, while the firm’s service-first approach resulted in 100% client retention.

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