Jorge Pérez Izquierdo
2019|Latin America

Jorge Pérez Izquierdo

Jorge Pérez Izquierdo is CEO of Grupo Empresarial PAE and has more than 30 years of experience in the staffing industry, both in Latin America and North America. He joined the company last year to support the company’s expansion.

Since his arrival to Grupo Empresarial PAE, or GEPAE, Pérez Izquierdo has promoted the development of corporate platforms that enable supporting the fast growth of the organization in a sustainable way. The creation of an Administration Council and the inclusion of corporate structures on a global level have helped to consolidate the value generated by the company in its global operations. Under his leadership, the company has a healthy financial record, which enable it to continue to grow in an organic and sustainable way, supporting GEPAE’s goal to become the largest Latin American-owned staffing company in North America.

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