It was a year of mixed signals.


Wildly swinging business forecasts challenged this year’s Staffing 100 honorees. Leaders first braced for a widely predicted 2023 US recession but then had to revise their strategies as the overall economy — and the staffing industry — showed surprising resilience. Indeed, the US staffing market reached an estimated $201.7 billion in revenue last year, according to SIA research. And while some client sectors cut contingent labor, others encountered a crippling talent shortage and started hoarding talent. Meanwhile, remote versus hybrid versus in-office work practices continued to keep staffing executives on their toes, as did labor organizing. All this happened against an ongoing backdrop of rapidly evolving technology. ChatGPT and similar offerings made artificial intelligence widely accessible, affecting the talent acquisition space.


Regulators and lawmakers had their impact as well, as states enacted pay transparency and temp worker rights legislation and began to target healthcare staffing’s billing models. The DE&I landscape continued to evolve as well, with business leaders bracing for the fallout from the Supreme Court’s decision banning affirmative action. While the ruling directly spoke to public universities, some lawmakers put businesses on notice for their DE&I initiatives.


The 2024 Staffing 100 rose to these challenges and more, guiding their teams, advising their clients, speaking out for the industry and educating themselves and each other. Their efforts ensured not only their own firms succeeded but the ecosystem did as well.


Congratulations to the 2024 Staffing 100 North America and Staffing 25 Latin America.


The 2024 Staffing 100 Europe will be announced in October.

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