The Process

The North America Staffing 100 list is not a ranking, but simply an aggregation of the 100 individuals who have influenced the world of work. The list typically includes but is not limited to: entrepreneurs who have created new and lasting models, CEOs who run large staffing companies both public and private, individuals who have had major impact or influence through M&A, or by leading the charge through legislative change.

The editorial team at Staffing Industry Analysts reviews the nominations and makes the final determination of who makes the list. We review the nominations carefully and accept recommendations from all quarters of the industry. It could be someone working at a staffing firm or VMS provider, a compliance expert — the field is wide open, as long as the nominee has influenced people’s perception of talent and how it can be used.

Nominate your honoree here. Nominations are open until Dec. 5, 2017.

Tell us in a concise paragraph why you think they should make the list. Examples of what to include:

  • Your nominee’s role
  • What revenue he or she is responsible for, scope of influence
  • What innovation is he or she responsible for (e.g., program model, service improvement)

No resumes, please.