Carlos Ramirez Benítez
2019|Latin America

Carlos Ramirez Benítez

Carlos Ramirez Benítez is CEO of Jobs Group, a Paraguayan staffing company. In 2018, Jobs Group launched its first innovation lab, Jobs Design Lab, whose goal is to promote and enhance every strategic, operational and transformational project and initiative. Under Ramirez’s leadership, Jobs is also developing technological solutions for the recruiting process, as well as changes in the operational structure, going from a hierarchical to a circular structure, where professionals in multidisciplinary teams have multiple roles. In addition, Jobs gained the exclusive representation in Paraguay of the platform GameLearn.

Ramirez has an MBA awarded by the National University of Asunción, and a master’s degree in HR management given by ADEN Business School/Euncet Business School-University of Catalunya Barcelonatech.

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